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[S3E2] Glimpse

The episodic dynamic of Party Down means that there\u2019s always some necessary exposition up front\u2014even in previous seasons, character dynamics would shift between episodes, and yet the only space we\u2019d be able to see them is in the \u201Cworkplace of the week.\u201D And so while we got a brief glimpse in the mid-credits scene last week of how the pandemic had treated Ron as Party Down catering\u2019s new owner, \u201CJack Botty\u2019s (Delayed Post-Pandemic) Surprise Party\u201D has a lot of catching up to do with the rest of the team.

[S3E2] Glimpse


Camryn Manheim was back as Dr. Jane Wray and her book is hitting the streets. The chapter interesting people the most is, of course, the one focusing on Liza. Oprah won't have Jane on the show unless she totes along whoever Liza is in real life. Giving Liza a glimpse of how her "outing" will go across were the reactions of outing the person from that chapter.

But, in episode 2, she returns to a semblance of her former self to mourn the loss of the planet she once knew, save Djarin's life multiple times, wield the Darksaber once again as if it's nothing (while Djarin is notably still struggling with it), give us a Mandalore history lesson and, finally, give us a glimpse of the epic Mythosaur. All in a day's work.

Episode 2 of Elite Season 3 begins with Samuel arriving in school and seeing Polo talking to the teachers. However, as we see glimpses of the future we see the party Polo was killed at is actually a graduation party.

Upon reaching the city beneath, Din is taken captive by an unknown alien lifeform. Before losing consciousness, he orders Grogu to get Bo-Katan to help him out of his current predicament. With the former Mandalorian leader at his side, Grogu manages to save his father. After a little rest, Bo-Katan decides to accompany the two toward the Living Waters to help Din gain redemption. But before he can even finish the Creed, something takes him deeper into the water. Fortunately, Bo-Katan succeeds in saving Din just as she saw a glimpse of a mythosaur residing underwater.

The third season of Demon Slayer has been reported to employ new animation techniques and a new pedestal for aesthetics that has created a FOMO around the anime community. Many are looking to get a glimpse of a series and are willing to get that glimpse via leaked clips.

Review and breakdown of the newest Disneyland After Dark, Princess Nite, WDI announces the return of Bruce Vaughn, glimpses of the all new Toontown set to open March 19th, more mentions in the news of Avatar to hit the Disneyland Resort, Bookings for Disneyland Hotel Villas, the next Disney100 Decades collection coming to ShopDisney, Mandalorian Season 3: Episode 2 was intense, we got an official Little Mermaid film poster, a D23 event at the Aquarium to celebrate Finding Nemo, and experience some Academy Award inspired details around the Disneyland Resort. 041b061a72

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