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As the prevalence of incest survivors seeking therapy continues to increase, clinicians must expand their knowledge and methods of treatment. This article discusses the development of incest within the family system, the resulting long-term effects, and a treatment model developed by the author to guide therapeutic intervention with the adult female survivor. The three-phase Incest Recovery Model provides direction regarding the issues and tasks that each survivor must confront before reaching the therapeutic goals. Phase 1 is conducted in a group setting; Phase 2 in individual therapy and sessions with the survivor's family of origin. Phase 3 concludes with a combination of individual and group sessions. Interruption and reentry of the model may occur at any time; consequently, survivors determine their individual progress. As the psychological burden of incest lessens, survivors are free to adopt healthier patterns of living.

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In the states of New Jersey and Rhode Island, incest between adults is legal. However, neither state permits marriage. In New Jersey, each person involved in the relationship must be at least 18 years old. In Rhode Island, the age of consent is 16 years old. In Georgia, incest laws are limited to heterosexual intimate relationships. Intercourse between fathers and daughters and mothers and sons is illegal. This includes any half- and step-children and siblings, and extended family. In North Dakota, incest includes marriage and cohabitation between first cousins or anyone closer than first cousins, even if half-related. Second and third cousins are generally free to marry in most states, and first cousins are generally allowed to have relationships. In Ohio, incest is legally allowed provided that one party is not a parental figure to the other party.

Generally, in the U.S., incest laws ban intimate relations between children and parents, brothers and sisters, and grandchildren and grandparents. Some states also ban relations between aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins. Laws vary as to half- and step-relatives and adopted relatives. Second and third cousins are generally free to marry and first cousins are free to be together in most states.

Group Therapy for Adult Incest Offenders and Adolescent Child Molesters pdf free download. Group psychotherapy is considered a primary form of treatment for adult incest offenders (Knopp, 1984) and adolescent child molesters (National Adolescent Perpetrator Network, 1988; p. 29). This chapter presents the principles and methods of conducting an introductory psychoeducational group for adult incest offenders and adolescent child molesters. The psycho-educational group is viewed as a means to prepare the offenders to make better use of therapy and thus increase the efficacy of the therapeutic process.

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One of the most important findings that emerged from the Harris and Hanson (2004) analysis was that the 15-year sexual recidivism rate for offenders who already had a prior conviction for a sexual offense was nearly twice that for first-time sex offenders (37 percent compared to 19 percent). Another important finding was that the rate of reoffending decreased the longer offenders had been offense-free. While 14 percent of the offenders in the analysis were sexual recidivists after five years of follow-up, only 7 percent of the offenders who were offense-free at that time sexually recidivated during the next five follow-up years. For offenders who were offense-free after 15 years, the observed sexual recidivism rate was only 4 percent over an additional five years of follow-up.

Beth lives in London and works as a freelance writer on a range of projects. Along with writing regular articles for Medical News Today, she writes for the Horniman Museum, an anthropology museum in South London. This involves recording minutes for conferences, blogging for their website, and documenting their process of curating art exhibitions. She loves theatre, yoga, and cycling in her spare time.

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