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Supermap On Demand Pdf 117

- cloud gis combined with automated orchestration scheme for deployment and orchestration of gis nodes, supermap provides a set of gis containers, including services such as the map display service, the world population map, etc. after several years of development, kubernetes has become the de facto container orchestration standard, so supermap imanager uses kubernetes to provide automated orchestration of various gis containers (including gis microservices), such as one-click deployment space big data site involving multiple distributed technology associations. the following is an excerpt from supermap's " supermap provides gis microservices ".

Supermap On Demand Pdf 117

the provisioning and management of gis resources, including space, application, database, streaming data, gis container orchestration, gis big data index service, gis website, gis security management, gis big data index service, etc., is realized through the gis management platform, ivms. on the one hand, data is stored and processed in cloud/non-cloud environments, and different types of resources can be created as needed through advanced combination technology. on the other hand, it is feasible to flexibly deploy, upgrade and manage resources with various interfaces. moreover, the mobile operation interface enables the staff to monitor gis activities on the go.

supermap iserver is a full-fledged ogc standard web services platform and multi-layer standard web services platform. the supermap-specific web services include the license plate recognition protocol (a certificate technology for string recognition service), the field detection service (a remote monitoring technology for intelligent monitoring), the network information service (a monitoring technology for internet packet-traffic monitoring), the map information service (a map information service for internet map viewer), the store locator service (a location service for store locator), the vehicle location service (a location service for internet vehicle locator), the delivery path service (a delivery path service for internet delivery path technology), the virtual world administration service (a virtual world administration service for internet virtual world technology), and the geo-fencing protocol. for the deployment of gis services and integrations, supermap iserver provides various services related to ivms and resources management, including web map image sharing services, global map modeling services, traditional space rendering services, and real-time regional space rendering services.


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