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Citizen Soldier - Thank You For Hating Me

Yes, let's discuss irony because the biggest examples have apparently escaped some people.First of all, Malcolm X was assassinated not by the police or white establishment but by black men in a suspected Nation of Islam turf war conspiracy. Now, just as then, the problem is not the system but rather organized crime, substance abuse and the breakdown of the nuclear family. It's not rocket science but social science.The next irony is that despite the latest DoJ and Harvard statistics that blacks are not disproportionatley shot when interacting with the police they are still being falsely blamed with a fake narrative. Even radicalized AG's in the Obama, NYC and Baltimore Democratic administrations failed to find any patterns of abuse despite trying every illegal tactic they could think of to predjudice the cases.Another paradox is why the athletes would would not rightfully blame the local police or law enforcement but instead blanketly disrespect an entire nation. Surely, in their propaganda brainwashed minds not every police officer, soldier or citizen is currupt and culpable. Yet, they pick on mass symbols of freedom to fight oppression.Perhaps if they had ever given a life, saved a life or protected one in the service of our great country then they would understand the completely misguided gesture of disrespecting the flag and anthem. The NBA gets it but not the CTE denying, domestic abuse enabling NFL.For those who don't, it is a simple protocal. We honor our faith or those who have departed by kneeling. We stand and salute our flag.

Citizen Soldier - Thank You for Hating Me



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