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Deftones - Change (In The House Of Flies) [Official Music Video] ^NEW^

i was living in a suburb outside of milwaukee, wisconsin when white pony released. at fourteen years old it was the summer leading into my freshman year at high school. it was also a summer of change for me as my father accepted a new job in indianapolis and i would be going to a high school where i wouldn\u2019t know anyone. prior to the big move, my mom took my siblings and i shopping for god knows what (probably just some odds and ends and some snacks for the long drive) and i asked my mom if we pop into the best buy so i could get a new cd for the ride to indy (lol that sentence sounds so impossibly old). a quick aside on my music listening habits at the time: a small sampling of my cd wallet comprised of stuff like weezer albums (you know which ones), saves the day\u2019s through being cool, enema of the state, and the miseducation of lauryn hill. i think the heaviest music i owned was the self-titled rage against the machine cd. okay, so anyways my loving mother agreed to buy one (1) cd for me (i was fourteen i had zero dollars). thrilled, i rushed to the new releases section to pour over my options. the clean look of the album art drew me to white pony - i recalled seeing the \u201Cchange (in the house of flies)\u201D music video on total request live and really enjoying that song (i was oblivious to the internet and napster so i had zero idea of all the leaked tracks prior to the album\u2019s release) and thusly i departed the store with the latest deftones\u2019 album.

Deftones - Change (In The House Of Flies) [Official Music Video]

white pony obviously changed the trajectory of deftones\u2019 career as well as changing what mainstream heavy music could be as well as being the launching point for an uncountable number of incredible bands currently creating music. but for me, white pony changed my life - it changed how i viewed and consumed not just heavy music but music in general, it helped me meet some of my closest friends throughout each phase of my life, continues to be a staple in my weekly rotation and is constantly the record i recommenced to people who might just be getting into heavy music. 041b061a72


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