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[S11E2] Trick Or Treatment

Daryl finds himself being stalked by one of the Reapers and becomes separated from Dog. Soon after, he finds Dog sitting comfortably next to a masked female Reaper who reveals herself to be Daryl's former romantic partner, Leah. Daryl is subsequently imprisoned by the group and tortured for information at Meridian. Leah convinces Daryl to tell the group's leader, Pope, something to appease him; Daryl obliges with minimal information. As a test arranged by Pope, Daryl and Leah are locked inside a shed by Pope's men, who proceed to burn it to the ground; the two manage to escape. Pope ensures Daryl is welcomed into the group, but Daryl appears uncomfortable with the arrangement, having witnessed Pope's unhinged treatment towards a member of his group.

[S11E2] Trick or Treatment

Eugene has entered into a relationship with Stephanie and tells her he loves her; she says she loves him too, shortly after which she mysteriously disappears. Eugene becomes obsessed with finding Stephanie and breaks into a man's house looking for evidence, but fails, and Princess insists that she must have broken up with and abandoned him. Eugene soon finds Stephanie again colluding with Lance for an unknown task, and gets Lance to confess "Stephanie" was a plant named Shira who was used to get Eugene to confess the location of Alexandria due to too many inconsistencies during the group's auditing. Lance tells Eugene the group is better off now despite his heart being broken by Shira. Meanwhile, Connie and Kelly investigate the Commonwealth military and their treatment of Tyler Davis, and Carol helps Lance deal with a neighboring community whose leader is extorting the Commonwealth for money. Eugene is later approached by "Max", who reveals herself to be the woman he was in contact with over the radio.

The woman introduces herself to Eugene as Max Mercer, who was using her mother's name as a code name. Even though she wanted to meet Eugene, once her brother Mercer caught wind of it, he covered it up when Lance also was alerted to her breach in communication protocol, and forced herself to remain quiet upon seeing Eugene with Shira. Eugene storms away due to being too hurt, but eventually goes to reconcile with Max and the pair expresses lingering interest in each other. Meanwhile, Pamela takes a tour of the Coalition's settlements and is unimpressed to hear Alexandria has fallen more than once. After meeting with Oceanside, Pamela goes to Hilltop where she debates Maggie over their different leadership styles and forms of government. Maggie is suspicious of the Commonwealth and refuses to accept aid from them, to the frustration of several Hilltop residents who decide to go join the Commonwealth. Lance is also frustrated by Maggie's decision but insists to Aaron he will persevere, seeking to build up his power to get out from under Pamela. Meanwhile, Ezekiel is admitted for surgery to remove his tumor, having been moved up the line for treatment by Lance as a favor to Carol.

Maggie, Gabriel and Rosita manage to escape and eventually link up with Daryl and Carol as they track the Commonwealth's train to the mysterious Outpost 22. Daryl is haunted by the capture of Connie who has been separated out from the others as a Designation 2 while Maggie is haunted by losing Hershel, especially after fighting a child walker. At the Commonwealth's labor camp, Negan convinces a reluctant Ezekiel to set aside their differences and form a revolt against the sadistic Warden. At a junction, the others attack the train and rescue Connie. However, a dying trooper only knows that Designation 2's are taken far away and are never seen again while the engineer commits suicide rather than answer any questions. As the prisoners are delivered to Outpost 22, Rosita poses as a dead trooper over the train's radio and tricks a friendly trooper into revealing that Outpost 22 is actually Alexandria. Maggie declares that they will get their home and their people back and that Pamela will never know what hit her.

Of Our listeners your responses to our episode last week, it was a very tricky episode that I have to commend Julie for editing together and packaging together. Because we like what is right to say what is wrong are what should be our stance. And what do we need to put out there in the world and I really think that episode last week was just a sample of some the conversations we've had on our show and will continue. Continue to grow these conversations, so thank you to everyone who responded and gave us feedback on the episode of You have listened to go back and listen. It's a compilation of dating stories related to racism and dating. Yeah, specifically around black experiences, so we definitely have says and other ethnicities that we've represented, and hopefully there's. Does it get to a point that we did to showcase those, but we highly recommend that you go back and listen to. To all of them right, but I think we really wanted to focus on some of the struggles that are black listeners in guests that have come on the show have expressed before because I think these sometimes these race ones are easy to skip over, and we don't blame anyone for doing that a lot of times. You say Oh, this doesn't pertain to me and it's not just race. It's like we've had episodes of like people coming out. Out or whatever it may be, it's like it sometimes, not relevant to whatever you're going through at the time, but I do think there is like immense value in these types of episodes, because it really gives us that empathy that we can start to have for other pinball, and until you hear other people's stories like it just doesn't become fully real, and I think it's just it's so important I'm glad that we got opportunity and also not. Not just for anyone that missed it. We have had a lot of listeners so anyone that we have like hundreds of episodes of totally get that. You might have missed this these two in the past. Some glad that we got opportunity to hear these voices again and re release it re listening to those two episodes. I have to say I'm still in shock by what Chris said with the race totem pole that his friend told him that. To recap. Asians are at the bottom, and then it's black men, and then it goes up from there. White white men are at the very top of this is what someone told. If, it's just so shocking to me and I cannot believe that. In twenty twenty people are still saying Shit like that I know it just shows that we still have a long long way to go, but I think the silver lining of this is. It's like kind of hitting it a perfect storm with corona virus in. It's like it has everyone's attention. People are already like worked up. You know cabinets like anger that they wanna get out and I feel like this time. Like may actually make a difference like people are really responding to this, and it wasn't just like a new story that went away after come days. I hope I hope it continues, and like we've said it's. Going to be like a out every week. We talk about it. We hope this can just be a continued conversation and all that we do with dateable. Outside of dateable in everyday life it's interesting you bring that up from a sociological point of view My was talking to a friend of mine about this, and he said you know why now like he kept asking why now and it's really because of Corona virus that there is no, there are no sports to distract us. There's no movies for us to go to. And that's why this news really got the attention that a dirt deserved at. It's about time, but that's like a perfect storm. In some ways of change needed to happen during this time. Yeah, I read this quote. I think it was one of our guests. Bro Gas Stewart I sat on his account. And I think it was just such a great quotas, basically like what if twenty twenty wasn't canceled? If this was like the year that we all need it all of this in one year, it's like we will never forget this year in history. Like how many other years can we say that for and I think? Again, like I. DON'T WANNA. Diminish anything. That's happened to anyone at all, but I think for everyone that's in a fortunate position that they're not sick or they're not hurt like. Let's try to re wire our brains to think about this as kind of a blessing that were able to make this change right now. ooh, rewiring our brain. That is a great way to talk about our episode for this week and I know. When you saw the title of this episode. You're probably like sex toys and what racial inequality, but I think it really helps to listen to other struggles as well and just to learn how others have overcome. What has been systematically been the way it's done before so I think sex toys is actually a really great example.

Every person with vaginas their favorite. Your go-to and I bought it and I could not get off on it. It just didn't absolutely nothing for me. It made me feel a little bit embarrassed and I was so curious why this worked for me. was there something wrong with me, but it also opened up my eyes to know that my body is completely different than even if ninety percent of women can get off on the magic wand, it doesn't mean that I have to be exactly because there are bodies line exactly in the deaths of problem that we have with most sex tech products. Is that people with China's have this notion that? Works for me, then I must be broken writing in my messages, no one near not broken. You just haven't found the right way yet on in. OJ honestly is not for everyone. It's not gonNa work for everyone. It does work for a very large amount of people, and but that's why we're creating other products. That's why we're continuing to gather information and ask people to be to be patient with us as well in in. Give us feedback as they can because I've got several teams. Teams, working on new innovations in the most valuable thing in order to continue to create products or different pleasure profiles, not if you have a peanut survey, Johnny woman, but for different pleasure profiles is going to be feedback and information, and in that that data just really hate that because I don't want anybody to feel like there's something wrong with them. There's nothing wrong with anyone you don't run. Did nothing for me was the rap? The rather lost thought was I'm not gonNA bring this. No. That's that's not your broken. That's dead damn. that whole concept is broken. I just love that. It's called the rabbit little ears. It's so creepy I just know. Excellent city about was. Made popular so before this conversation Julie pulled up the history of vibrators, and I think this is so fascinating to just bring up because. It was created by a man Joseph. Mortimer Granville in eighteen hundreds. He invented this electric vibrator in eighteen eighty. Okay. And two at the time it was a treatment for hysteria, and so it was easy. Why is because doctors were using their hands to give women orgasms to in order to treat in combat, female hysteria and their hands were getting tired, so they made something that could plug into the wall like brecon lender mean you can have an orgasm then you can make milkshake in the toaster toasted vacuumed floor on my God who along with the rest of the household appliances yeah. We don't know is all we've done for. The last forty years is just remake the same thing over and over again. So is just exactly. We're just doing the same iterations of the exact same thing. We're just putting a new brand new marketing new packaging to it and then ended. Call Rabbit and the next time. But I was looking for. A. Set Nineteen seventies was when we actually acknowledged that women masturbate, and that was a form of liberation, and that's when the magic wand was invented. That, that's still but goto sex toy or win. The seventies and the nineties was when sex in the city made the rabbit vibrator very popular. Charlotte was addicted to it. That was such a great episode. And now finally like starting in twenty eighteen, it's become A. Commercialized product you can find a seat. He hasn't target. That is just crazy that it was started in eighteen hundreds to draw Syria somehow found a way to make it into masturbation female sexuality, but took so many years sapped the fact that email pleasure should be something that we should focus. I don't know if you know this, but word. Is Jake Research as of twenty to eighteen, it's southern was still illegal to buy sex toys in Alabama. What yet? It is a WHO does so crazy that like in twenty twenty like there's still stigma around sex toys. Alabama's not alone. Others I just looked up. In what countries are sex toys illegal? Yeah, while Thailand Vietnam Malaysia. Maldives, but Alabama seems to be the only state in the US I would love to this into Alabama just. Paraded around see what happens. Pretty sure there are others I know like we had to go through the way to through all of this. You're selling a robot, though it's not a sex toy. Cure actually. Alcohol. Ban Robots, Alabama. Olsen say product for sexual. How thin companion! Abe Robot. Just for starters, most of these these vibrators have about twenty to fifty parts in each them now because I've taken apart a lot of them because I am just forever morbidly curious taking it apart, but oh, say has more parts than there are bones in the human body are two hundred, almost two hundred fifty parts in this products in is extremely complex, and it's not just the product lake, the mechanics of it, but it's the firmware is well. 041b061a72


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